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Since our founding, we have been working hard to deliver excellent products & superb services. We select only the best staff in this field to join our team. We complete projects Efficiently and On Time, and We Go Beyond the normal to form Long-Lasting Relationships with Our Clients.

Longest-lasting Anti-Viral Surface Coating in the World. (Protects more than 12 months)

A First in the World. HexaGuard Anti-Covid19 Phone Surface-Coating destroys the deadly virus by using proprietary technology to eliminate the envelope of all coronavirus strains.  

It is Perfectly Safe, Colorless & Odorless when set, and it eliminates the need to disinfect the surface every day for more than 12 Months!.

Baby-Safe water-based inhalable disinfectant.

Our Ultra-Safe Disinfectant consists mainly of 99.75% Pure Water, and it replaces the conventional way of Cleaning or Disinfecting Surfaces with dangerous chemicals or flammable alcohol.

​Containing Approved Ingredients.

American EPA approved HOCl is a powerful oxidizing agent as a disinfecting agent. Hexanea Waterlilq is Tested to be effective against Bacteria and Viruses, including norovirus, which is more difficult to destroy than SARS--COV-2. It can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces in a Very Efficient Way.

It is safe for use even on Newborns.  

Protect your Young Ones against Dangerous Viruses with this non-flammable, Alcohol-Free, Non-Chemical, and Non-Toxic Disinfectant. Disinfect your face, face masks, and cutleries with our convenient travel size Pocket Spray Bottles or Wet Wipes. The same disinfectant is a must at major food factories where alcohol and chemical disinfectants are not allowed.

Most Advanced and Cost-efficient Antiviral Air Purification Systems.

We have the latest MESP technology filtration systems that destroy viruses with micro-electrostatic shocks. Our Unique product is the least resistant to airflow, thus cutting down on the energy needed to force the air through the filters. In addition, the patented washable filter can be used even after a hundred washes. This saves you much money and the trouble of finding, buying, and replacing the filters and does lots of good to our ecosystem.


Most powerful antiviral electronic Wearables.

We offer High Anions Pendants. Anions or Negative ion-s dispersed attract the positively charged virus and make these particles heavier and thus sank quickly to the ground. Our product produces the most Anions at 200 million parts per cubic cm per sec while almost all others have only 12 million pieces per cubic cm currently. 

World’s smallest nano-sized pure Turmeric, called Liquid Gold.

Turmeric has been known for its therapeutic and antiviral properties when eaten.
For the effects to be felt fast, lots of it had to be consumed. Our Turmeric uses the latest technology to extract a variety of different Turmeric known for its other health benefits, including the treatment against coronaviruses. It’s the only Turmeric in Liquid form that is smaller than the cell of blood and viruses, thereby penetrating them effectively.  


​Please Do, Browse the Rest of Our Products that could Protect Yourself and Your Family from the Deadly Viruses currently affecting the globe and, at the same time, save you unnecessary waste of money on the use of harmful chemicals and flammable alcohol products that do more harm in the long term. 

Trust HEXANEA to give you Long, Lasting Peace of Mind.