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Services Provided

includes the provision of inhalable disinfectant, surface-coating & the latest MESP Air Purifier

Mold Remediation

Premium MultiCoat AntiMold Treatment

3 Years Warranty

Save you the constant recurring costs & trouble of repainting every few months

Baby & Fog.jpg

Powerful and Baby-safe Disinfection

Starting from $85 including labor, equipment, and inhalable disinfectant from Germany

Hand Cleaning Car Mid.jpg

12 months 24/7 Surface Protection  

Starting from $95 including labor, equipment & antimicrobial coating

for car, lifts, touch-screen, handles, toys, etc

ULV Cold Fogger Blue leaf.PNG

Rental of DIY Fogger & Disinfectant Set

Starting from $75 per day inclusive of 2.5 L of Baby-safe disinfectant.

Min 2 days rental

Hexaflatable Disinfecting Tunnel.PNG

Rental of Disinfecting Tunnel

Free Leasing of Tunnel & Disinfecting Device with a 6-month Baby-safe disinfectant Contract


Rental of Proven Anti-coronavirus Air Purifier

We use an air-purity meter to show you how we bring the air impurities to Zero. So prevent asthma attacks, TB, flu, etc.

Hex D3L30T Diffuser.png

Rental of Intelligent dry fog diffuser

Great for opening ceremonies to reduce the virus load in crowded rooms.

Our diffuser is specially designed to automatically dispense dry fog.

Hygiena EnSureTouch.png

Testing of surface for pahogens

Let us check the level of pathogens on your handles & tables

with the best surface swab and meter.

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You would be pleasantly surprised with our service and the low price you would pay.     

WhatsApp +65 8125 4007us the size, photo, and location of the premises and get a quote today.

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