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Always at Your Service

Introducing Hexanea

Our Mission at Hexanea is Simple

To provide High-Quality HEXANEA Anti-Covid Products

& Services for you our Valued Client and Customer.

Our Team goes Above and Beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs and to Protect your Work Environment From COVID19..20...21...22 & beyond.

With Great Communication and Exceptional Service,

We want to achieve the High Standard you’re looking for with Our World Class HEXANEA Products. 

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Premium Multicoat
AntiMold Treatment
(3 yrs Warranty)

Latest Most Cost-Effective
Air Purification System in the World 

Baby-safe inhalable
Disinfectant from Germany

Longest lasting 
Antimicrobial coating

Automatic 5-in-1 Multi-system
Air Purifier for Car

Your Health

Hexanea Waterliq 

This Baby-safe alcohol-free product keeps the surfaces of your household hygienically clean and free of germs, bacteria, and viruses.


Do you know that in a household the

1. Refrigerator, has over 11 million germs per cm² 

2. Rinsing Sponges have 4 million germs on an ml of wringing water (of which 2500 can cause diarrhea).

3. Kitchen Floor contains 10,000 germs per cm².


In comparison to the refrigerator, the toilet is cleaner with 100 germs per m². These areas need your regular attention and can be permanently cleaned with Waterliq products by spraying or wiping.

You can now improve the hygiene in your household WITHOUT the use of chemical agents and not be harmed by any chemical residues. 

HexaGuard Erstotizer

The longest-lasting Functional SURFACE COATING that is unique in its nature and effectiveness.  It can be applied to absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces in a simple wiping or spraying process.


The double-coated surfaces are covered for up to 12 months with a long-lasting protective shield that constantly produces an anti-bacterial & anti-viral effect around the clock and thus leads to a pathogen reduction of > 99.9%.


​The effectiveness of HexaGuard Erstotizer has been successfully tested by a stringent and independent German laboratory especially against the 6 resistant germs + 1 key virus classified by the WHO that is more resistant than

Covid-19 and its new variants.

MESP Filtration System

The most cost-effective proven filtration system in the world using the latest micro electrostatic technology.

​Using power similar to a lightbulb, the system destroys all viruses and bacteria including dust mites without using harmful ozone, UVC lamp, or expensive conventional HEPA filters.

Recently tested by an independent American laboratory against Sars-Cov-2 (Jun 2021) and ranked number 1 by the Israel Ministry of Health and Education.

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