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Wooden Floor

Advanced AntiMicrobial Surface Coating

12 Months Warranty

The Survey, Advise, and Application of
our Unique Proprietary HexaGuard
Anti-Covid Long Lasting Coating from Germany,
eliminating the need to Sanitize Surfaces repeatedly every few hours for at least
12 Months !.
Specialized Equipment to
Test the level of Germs
at Scheduled intervals upon requests.

Professional Attention to Detail

Baby-Safe Water-based Disinfection Service

Safe in the presence of people and food

Touch Areas Wiping & 
Professional Nano Fogging
Using our Proprietary Water-Based,
Baby-Safe Anti-Covid Disinfecting Solutions

Expert Advice & Service

Mold BeforeAfter treatment.PNG

Premium AntiMold Multilayers Treatment

3 Years Warranty

Application of one of the best multi-coating materials in the world. The different type of material used in the multilayer treatment by professionally trained staff offer a worry-free period of 3 years.

Expert Advice & Service

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